Earning Bitcoin With Lolli

We would be doing a disservice if we didn’t highlight what’s been going on in the “Earn” Bitcoin section of our directory. One word – Lolli. This company has extended its reach to the masses in a way that no one else
has. Lolli does this by offering Bitcoin-back rewards (similar to cashback
rewards, airline/travel miles, and other related point systems) from buying
things you already buy anyways at over 500 retailers; including Priceline,
Marriot, Safeway, Barnes & Noble, Vitamin Shoppe, Walgreens, Groupon,
Sephora and Verizon just to name a few.

The following information is quoted from Lolli’s webpage:

“Once you reach an available balance of $15 in bitcoin, you will be able to choose between transferring your bitcoin to your own address or cashing out to your linked bank account. Rewards become available after they have been confirmed. Reward confirmation occurs once the partner’s reward locking period has passed. This is typically 30-90 days, the return period, after your initial purchase or completed stay.”

One major benefit of earning Bitcoin-back rewards from buying things you already buy is that there’s no risk involved in obtaining the Bitcoin as there would be if you had purchased it directly and weren’t ready to stomach the price volatility. Lolli’s presence in the Bitcoin space is growing day by day and as far as we can tell, will likely become a behemoth as Bitcoin adoption continues to gain more traction over the years.

In our experience, we also found that Lolli’s customer service is prompt,
courteous and has the customer’s best interest at heart.

NOTE: If you share your referral link with friends, you can earn an extra $10 in Bitcoin when they shop through Lolli:

https://lolli.com/ref/4YMXXw4Gih (our referral link)

If you haven’t tried Lolli, go @trylolli. You’ll be surprised at how easy it is to stack sats (i.e. fractions of a Bitcoin)!

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